PUBG Mobile Lite Game for Your Under Powered Mobile Phone

PUBG Mobile is relaunching in India soon. we’ll update this post with new information as we catch on . Continue with the article for now.

Tancent Mobiles has pack up their Indian servers, hence the PUBG Mobile Gamers from India won’t be ready to hook up with the sport , albeit they need it installed on their mobiles.

Here’s a workaround to attach to the PUBG Mobile servers, if you actually want to play the sport .

After Indian Govt Ban on PUBG Mobile, the games PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are faraway from Play Store. But the servers are still connected, which suggests you’ll still play the sport if you’ve got it installed on your Mobile phones.

The APK file for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite is being distributed by Tancent Games directly on their website, the link are going to be at the top of this text .

To know how Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile lite are different from one another , read the remainder of the article.

Ever since the PUBG game has been made available for Android it’s become quite rage.

I keep seeing people around me playing this game or talking about it once they aren’t playing it.

Only a couple of mission-based games that have earned such a lot popularity on Android mobile. PUBG Mobile was launched within the month of February and in only a couple of months it’s crossed over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.

It became so popular that even the Smartphone manufacturers are talking about it in their presentations on how their smartphones are capable of running PUBG mobile with none issues.

Because PUBG is sort of a resource-intensive game, it’s quite benchmark for mobile manufacturers to sell their mobile phones as gaming devices.

While one surely needs a mobile with the very best configuration to urge the simplest experience, i do know people that are playing this game on entry-level Android smartphones, obviously with lower settings.

So, Tencent Games, the corporate behind PUBG mobile game, is bringing PUBG mobile Lite version which will be targeting Android devices which aren’t compatible with the first PUBG mobile

There will be a touch of difference between the PUBG Mobile Lite version and PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite version can have a maximum of 40 players at one point in time rather than the hundred players within the full version.


How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite on Android

The beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available in selected countries, like the Philippines as of now. there’s also no word on when it’ll be available for other countries.

PUBG Mobile Lite Available in India (and Other Countries) Download Now

But you’ll surely plow ahead and pick the APK file of the sport and sideload it on your mobile from the official website.

Apart from the APK file of the sport , you’ll even have to download the OBB file and reserve it in your Android’s OBB folder.

Another thing to notice is that since the lightweight version game is currently available on Play Store within the Philippines, you’ll require VPN Service to vary the situation for connecting to the server.

So this is often how you’ll download the PUBG Mobile Lite game for your low power Android device and luxuriate in it.

It is interesting to note that while one company is launching a light-weight version of their already popular game in order that Android users with low powered Android Smartphones can enjoy the sport .

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